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Year Graduate Student Advisor Title
2013 Hsiao-Ping Yeh Hwei-Ting Lin The Transmission Dynamics of an SVIR Model
  Hao-Chiang Hsu Chie-Ping Chu Variation of the nodal points of the 2nd eigenfunction of one-dimensional Schrodinger equation
2012 Chih-Kai Tsui Hwei-Ting Lin On the dynamics of an SEIR model with nonlinear incidence rates
  Tsai-Chang Wu Chih-Chy Fwu Spectral representation of surface of genus 2
  Yu-Lin Chen Han-Ping Tsai New Extremal Self-Dual Codes with W_{66,1}, β=88, β=96 and β=98
  Cheng-Hsuan Yang Han-Ping Tsai New Extremal Self-Dual Codes with W_{66,1}, β=101, β=104 and β=106
  Guo-Xiang Liu Chih-Ru Hsiao On Hart and Mas-Colell's Reduced Game
  Szu-Ying Wu Chih-Ru Hsiao A Note on Unit-Level Core for Multi-Choice Games
  Yu-Chin Lin Chih-Ru Hsiao Mathematical modeling applied to low-achieving high school studendts teaching the concept of space
  Kuan-Hung Yu Chih-Ru Hsiao Research for lesson studey math teaching promoting students learning interest
2011 Wen-Chih Liu Mao-Ting Chien The boundary of numerical ranges
  Mu-Hsin Hsu Han-Ping Tsai Extremal Self-Dual Codes of Lengths 54, 64, 66 and 68
  Chun-Yuan Tien Wen-Chung Huang Edge Magic Graph
  Fu-Shiang Tsai Chie-Ping Chu Variation of the first eigenvalue with respect to potential in two-dimensional Schrodinger equation
2010 Chih-Ming Huang Mao-Ting Chien The numerical ranges of weighted cyclic matrices
  Yu Chih Liang Wen-Chung Huang Construction and intersection of Long-Kite Design
  許惠安 Mao-Ting Chien The numerical radii of weighted shift matrices
  Shih-Kuan Feng Mao-Ting Chien The eigenvalues of block Toeplitz matrices
  Shih-Yang Yang Chie-Ping Chu Variation of the first eigenvalue with respect to potential in one-dimensional Schrodinger equation
  Ya-Chun Tai Wen-Chung Huang Construction and intersection of R-designs
2009 Yu Cheng Chan Mao-Ting Chien Circularity of the numerical range of a nonnegative matrix
  Jie Syun Li Han-Ping Tsai Construction theorems of self-dual codes
  Nian-Zu Wu Chie-Ping Chu The influence of splitting potential to the first eigenvalue of one dimension Schrodinger equation
  Yen-Chou Lin Chih-Ru Hsiao A structure importance of multi-state coherent systems
2008 Tsu-Hsien Huang Mao-Ting Chien Circularity of the numerical range of a nonnegative matrix
2007 范中玲 Han-Ping Tsai Self-Dual Codes of Lengths 64 and 66
  劉秋陽 Wen-Chung Huang

A decomposition of λKv++ into extended triangles

  陳弘倫 Wen-Chung Huang

G-designs intersecting in pairwise disjoint blocks

  陳依汝 Chih-Ru Hsiao Non-Cooperative Game Applies to the Stock Market with Observation from Behavior
  時延彰 Chih-Ru Hsiao On Some Properties of Values for Multi-Choice Cooperative Game
  陶正義 Chih-Ru Hsiao Application of Game Theory in C4ISR A.F.
2006 Shien-Che Wu Mao-Ting Chien The numerical range of certain nilpotent upper-triangular Toeplitz matrices
  Yi-Yn Lin Mao-Ting Chien The numerical range of sowe 3-by-3 matrices
2005 Lung-Kuo Yaong Yi-Ping Chang Estimation of the parameters and value-at-risk of the multivariate generalized asymmetric Laplace distribution
  Chung-Lien Ko Mao-Ting Chien The numerical ranges of AB and BA
  蔡維聯 Chih-Ru Hsiao Game thoery applies to crisis management in campus
  鍾純修 Chih-Ru Hsiao Authority structure applies to administration of junior high school and senior high school
  沈勃廷 Wen-Chung Huang Some decomposition of directed balanced ternary designs
  Teng-Yao Huang Mao-Ting Chien The numerical range of power of matrices
  Chi-Feng Zheng Mao-Ting Chien On flat portions of some matrices
  吳世傑 Wen-Chung Huang Numbers of common blocks of twofold extended Mendelsohn triple systems
  呂明澤 Han-Ping Tsai Self-dual codes of length 64
2004 Wen-Ku Su Han-Ping Tsai Construct extremal self-dual codes from non-extremal self-dual codes
  施明志 Han-Ping Tsai Inequivalent codes of extremal self-dual codes
  李權晉 Han-Ping Tsai Self-dual codes
  Yi-Fong Cai S.Y. Chang Chang Several examples on exchange economics
  Cheng-Ping Lu S.Y. Chang An equilibrium existence theorem for a production economy
  柯富昌 Wen-Chung Huang The number of repeated blocks in indecomposable twofold extended triple systems
  徐育鋒 Wen-Chung Huang The number of 4-cycles in 2-factorizations of Knn
2003 陳光宗 Wen-Chung Huang Embedding of Extended Directed Triole Systems
  Shen Kai Chang Chih-Ru Hsiao The Multiple Efficient Property of the Shapley Value
  Ching-Wei Yi Mao-Ting Chien On the numerical range of the companion matrices
  賴文雄 Mao-Ting Chien Diagonal entries on the boundary of the numerical range 
2002  Kuo-Chih Hung Mao-Ting Chien The elliptical property of numerical range
  Chung Lee Chi-Ping Chu Some observation on the 1st eigenpair of one-dimensional schrödinger equation
  Ching-Tung Tseng Shu Yu Chang Maximal Elements for Noncompact Couple-majorized Mappings
  Jian-Shiung Pei Chie-Ping Chu The first eigenfunction for Laplacian on doubly connected plane domain
  Yi-Ming Chen Chie-Ping Chu Estimates of the Green’s functions for doubly connected domain in R2
  Hung-Yu Cheng Shiow-Yu Zhang Ky Fan Inequalities in MC-spaces without compactness and semicontinuities
  Hao-Chung Hsu H.P. Tsai Extremal Self-Dual Codes of Length 68
  Chien-Hung Chen H.P. Tsai Construction of self-dual codes
  Mei-Yun Wang H.P. Tsai Inequivalent codes of self-dual codes
  Ren-Yih Wu H.P. Tsai Extremal Self-Dual Codes of Length 66
  Wang-Cheng Yang Wen-Chung Huang Extended directed triple systems
  Ming-Fei Tsai Mao-Ting Chien Circularity of the numerical range of tridiagonal matrices
  Chen Tzu Jung Mao-Ting Chien Numerical range with a flat portion
2001 Mei-Chun Kuo Hwei-Ting Lin Two SEI epidemic models with density dependent
  Kuo -Bing Huang Wen-Chung Huang Extended 7-cycle Systems
  Chia-Chin Hung Wen-Chung Huang Extended 5-cycle Systems
  Yi-Hsin Shih Wen-Chung Huang Intersection problem of triple system
  Yu Ju Yaon Wen-Chung Huang Decompositions of graph with generalized triples
  Pi-Shing Shiu Chi-Ping Chu Estimates of the Green’s functions for plane ring domains
  Chin-Fei Huang Chi-Ping Chu The number of peaks of the first eigenfunction of the Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problem
  Pei-Yu Shih Han-Ping Tsai Extremal self-dual codes of lengh 60
2000 Lu-Jia Ling Hwei-Ting Lin A Single-Locus Density-Dependent Viability Selection Model of Diploid Population
  Shu-Ya Huang Chih-Ru Hsiao Some Results in Potential of Multi-Choice Cooperative Games
  Ching-Hsien Li Hwei-Ting Lin On a Lotka-Volterra system of sexually transmitted
  Wan Ru Tsai Hwei-Ting Lin A Epidemic Model with Recruitment for Sexually Transmitted Disease
  Ya-Wen Chiang Shiow-Yu Chang A Generalized Vector Variational Inequality for Set-Valued Maps
  Guei-Hua Wang Wen-Chung Huang The Mendelsohn triple systems with repeated elements in blocks
1999 Cheng-Pin Chao Chi-Ping Chu Monotonicity and estimates of the 1st eigenvalues of vibrating spherical shells
Biing-Yhi Shy Chi-Ping Chu Monotonicity and estimates of the first eigenvalue of the Laplace operator on the spherical bands in S2
Chih-Cheng Ku Chih-Ru Hsiao On the potential for continuously-many-choice cooperative games
Yu-Chen Chan Chi-Ping Chu Singular solutions of Laplace equation in a spherical cone
1998 Yu-Hsuan Lin M. T. Chien The area of the numerical range of a matrix
Y.H. Liao Chih-Ru Hsiao Some properties of multi-choice Shapley value
Jun-Ming Huang M. T. Chien The numerical range of continuant matrices
Tzu-Kuang Chen M. T. Chien The numerical ranges of certain types of matrices
1997 Chung-Jung Chang Tzuu-Shuh Chiang Regularization of Dirichlet forms
Shu-Kuang Chang C.C. Fwu Harmonic Analysis on Torus
Chun-Liang Pan C.C. Fwu Realization of torus with harmonic functions
1995 Sheng-Hsien Chang Chih-Ru Hsiao A Value for Multi-Choice Cooperative Games with Coalition Structure
Yi-Chao Chiang H.P. Tsai Extremal Self-Dual Codes of Length 58
Chin-Sheng Lin C.C. Fwu The spectrum of the torus knot on an anchor ring
Yuan-Yi Fu Chi-Ping Mo The Derivative Operator in the Cooperative Game
Ya-Tu Chuang S. J. Sheu Simulation of Markov chain by pseudo-random numbers
Chang-Yu Kuo Tsong-Cherng Lee on a differential identity in prime rings
Tien-Te Kao Chi-Ping Mo Computational Analysis of The Trading Problem
Yung-Sen Lin Chih-Ru Hsiao on players' strategical behaviors in cooperative games
1994 Wei-Hsu Chen M.T. Chien Tree Sign Pattern Matrices that Require k Zero Eigenvalues
Horng-Yueh Deng M.T. Chien Zero Eigenvalues of Star Tree Sign Pattern Matrices
Mo-Kai Chen Ching-Shoei Chiang Paraboloid/Surfaces Intersection
Chien-Chung Mao S.Y. Chang Some basic properties of the integration of set-valued functions
Chien-Te Chen Chi-Ping Mo 1-dimentional symmetric games with a continuum players
Rong-Tsuan Lin Chi-Ping Mo The Solutions of Anti-Convex Games
1993 Cuo-Hua Huang Shuenn-Jyi Sheu Nonreversible Dynamics for Ising Model
Wen-Tai Chan Chih-Ru Hsiao On The Nucleolus of Cooperative Games
Yeu-Min Yih Tsong-Cherng Lee Some Identities with Variation Powers
Chih-Yung Wang Chih-Ru Hsiao Asymmetric Shapley Value for Multi-choice Cooperative Games